NIGERIMM – The challenges of migration in Niger

Launched in February 2011, the NIGERIMM project is promoted by the Interior Ministry, in agreement with the National police of Niger and in partnership with IOM (International Organization for Migration) and the Istituto Luigi Sturzo, to address challenges and emergencies associated with migration in Niger.

The role of Istituto Luigi Sturzo in the project includes the following activities in particular:

Campaign to disseminate information and raise awareness of the risks deriving from clandestine immigration through the mass media.

At the IOM accommodation and assistance centre located in Dirkou and the city of Agadez, the information campaign runs through two TOTEMs (interactive panels) which stream images and videos on the risks and difficulties of illegal immigration and first aid training to migrants at the centres. In addition, an information desk has been set up (Point d'information jeunesse sur les migrations) at the GRASPI NGO in Niamey, offering information on the risks associated with illegal migration and on legal migration procedures.

The educational campaign regards the legal procedures for admission to other countries aimed at the National Police Academy in Niger. A special platform called AFRICA has been also been created to provide remote education as a multilingual web-based e-learning system. Upon completion of the programme, participants receive a certificate issued by the IAD school at the “Tor Vergata” University in Rome and the Istituto Luigi Sturzo.

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Educational campaign aimed at refining specific professional skills to help young people join the workforce as a valid alternative to emigration.
In the IOM accommodation and assistance centre in Dirkou and in the city of Agadez, the educational campaign runs through two TOTEMs streaming short videos on cultivating land using new, resource-saving techniques as an alternative to the precarious nature of a clandestine journey. Other organizations of the civil society, on the other hand, provide blend training programmes, based on lessons through online modules.

Nigerimm project. Activities in schools

Niamey, Niger. Educational activity to contrast illegal migration.