The 1970s and the crisis of the democratic state in Italy (1968-1978)

Aimed at the study and analysis of a crucial turning point in Italian history such as the years between 1968 and 1978, the project intends to promote an interest in historical and political culture and knowledge of the recent history of Italy among the younger generation.

The project aims to provide teachers with a path of learning, through didactic topics that are rarely addressed in school programmes, as well as through an approach that draws on various methods of research and communication.

The Istituto Luigi Sturzo has been focusing for some time on the study of Italian society over the past decade, also using its numerous archives relating to that period. It has also done much work on inventories and digitalization campaigns in order to circulate documents on the Internet. Over recent years, it has also promoted numerous research projects on recent Italian history and has for years been active in the sector of education and didactics, in part through e-learning. The Institute’s website provides a platform available to users offering four didactic modules on Italian history between 1861 and 1968.

The project’s special feature lies in methodology integrating the various perspectives of research, didactics and professional advancement.