Studies and research

The activity of the Studies and Research area of Istituto Luigi Sturzo is mainly focused on research programmes in the context of contemporary history, social sciences and political studies, valorising the archive and library assets of the Institute through studies, conventions, seminars and publications.

In continuity with the teachings of Luigi Sturzo, the research activity is aimed at identifying and clarifying the main questions characterising today’s society and culture from a historical, economic, social and political point of view: the paths of research are defined in regards to the lively reality of civil society and aspire to make the essential points of national and international historical-political and social happenings the subject of scientific reflection.

These are the major objectives of the area's activity:

  • Develop and circulate knowledge of Italy’s historic heritage using innovative methodology, with particular reference to the political and cultural identity of Catholics and their contribution to the history of the nation.
  • Promote reflection and debates on questions of social, political, institutional and economic current affairs and devise intervention projects to tackle the main problems identified.
  • Propose scientific reflection on international questions through targeted research projects and interventions in the field of education, from questions on issues ranging from European unity to the phenomenon of immigration.
  • Valorize the Institute’s archive and library assets, in part through dissemination projects.
  • Foster cooperation with universities, bodies and cultural institutions in Italy and elsewhere.