Historical archive

The Historical Archive has been an important part of the Institute’s assets since its foundation. The Archive was started with Luigi Sturzo’s personal archive, donated by the founder in his will, and has grown steadily.

The Historical Archive, committed to collecting and valorising sources relating to Partito Popolare Italiano (the Italian People’s Party) and Catholicism in politics since the end of the 19 th Century through research, studies and publications, contains a notable heritage of papers belonging to Luigi Sturzo and his family, and numerous other Catholic sources who have played a role of a certain importance in the foundation of the Italian People’s Party, Democrazia Cristiana (Christian Democracy party) and in the politics of Italian governments since the Second World War.

The Archive currently holds more than 10,000 folders, 1,300 posters, over 100,000 photographs, 1,450 audio records and about 450 films. The historic archives are all declared to be of distinguished historical interest by the Soprintendenza archivistica per il Lazio (Ministry of Culture), and are divided into archives from private individuals and from private parties and bodies.

Iconographic and audiovisual records are an integral part of the Historical Archive.

Based on current regulations, all the archives are made available to the public as soon as proper consultation tools are in place.

The Historical Archive – together with other important Italian cultural institutions and foundations – participates in the project “Archivi del ‘900” placing its collections online.

It also participates in a series of initiatives to digitalize the documents from the archives.


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