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In its activity, the Laboratory has taken advantage of the theoretical and practical developments which have taken place in the last few years in the field of digital technology applied to the management of cultural assets, based on applicable standards and guidelines for the proper and shared realization of digital preservation and publication projects.

The “laboratory” that has gradually taken shape within Istituto Luigi Sturzo pools the resources of graduates in historical and archival subjects, as well as in cultural assets management with specialisation in photographic and/or audiovisual history. The laboratory team also includes graphic and computer experts.

Currently, it has 7 computer stations, two professional scanners (for digital acquisitions) and access points to the Institute’s servers for autonomous management and online publication projects.

The digitalised material amounts to approximately 60,000 items, including biographies, photographs, posters and audiovisual material.

2005. Database of Democrazia Cristiana Posters

In 2005, thanks to a special grant from the Italian Ministry for University and Research (Miur), the collection of Democrazia Cristiana posters were catalogued, filed and digitalised; the collection is published at ArchiviDC.it

2005 - 2006. Database of Democrazia Cristiana audiovisual material

In 2005, 200 audiovisual documents were digitalised (16 and 35 mm and beta films) produced by Democrazia Cristiana and the affiliated organisations. The cataloguing work of the documents and the video files was completed in 2007. Over the course of the years, other materials from different sources were collected and recent productions by the Institute were added (interviews for research projects); currently, the database holds 447 items. The section relating to DC production, SPES (the study, propaganda and press office of Democrazia Cristiana), is published at ArchiviDC.it

2006. Digital publication of Acta Diurna by Guido Gonella

As part of the activity of the Guido Gonella Committee, and within a project by the Institute’s research centre, a database has been created containing description cards and images of the Acta Diurna series of articles published by Guido Gonella in “Osservatore Romano” between 1993 and 1940. Together with images and texts, the database includes 1076 description cards of articles as well as the images of the articles (derived from the acquisition of original clippings from the personal archive of Gonella, a politician from Veneto). The database has been published in a monographical website and can be consulted at GuidoGonella.it

2006 -2007. The photographic archive of Enrico Zuppi

The sizable archive of positive prints and negatives produced by the journalist and photographer has been catalogued and digitalised in part; the digitalisation was done outside the Institute because of the specialist technique required to treat the negatives.

Once acquired in digital format, graphics and web pages were created for publication in a series of photo galleries that can be seen in the digital section of the Institute’s website. [Zuppi]

2006 -2008. The photographic archive of the newspaper “Il Popolo”

The cataloguing work on the photographic archive of “Il Popolo” has begun, including approximately 100,000 items. The project began with an initial sorting of the material, then the collection was moved to the Institute, and the work continued with the cataloguing and digitalisation of parts of the archive. This archive includes a photography collection catalogued by subject; currently the entire archive has been catalogued at the level of series and archive units.

The digitalised series, which can be consulted via GEA database, are those related to the history of Democrazia Cristiana and cinema. Part of this material is published on the site ArchiviDC.it

2006 -2008. www.archividc.it

The site was conceived as an instrument for accessing sources on the history of Democrazia Cristiana. The entire heritage of archive sources preserved in the Historical Archive of Istituto Luigi Sturzo is currently available and the process of digitalising party journals preserved in the Library is underway.

The following contents are accessible:

  • Chronological cards
  • Directions on the use of sources
  • Archive inventory
    • 4,000 photographs and images of posters
    • 80 audiovisual documents
    • 360 bibliographic documents (Statutes, clandestine editions of “Il Popolo” 1943-1944, a number of journals, and so on)
2007 - 2008 Cinema critics reviews in “Il Popolo” (1923-1925; 1944-1994)

Subject areas have been created within the web site www.archividc.it, one of which is dedicated to the research project on the cinema inspired by Christian democratic values and, in particular, articles published in “Il Popolo” between 1944 and the 1980s.

A link to the site http://www.archividc.it/critica provides access to historic-review texts, images, original articles and a database of more than 10,000 news items on articles and critical reviews in the newspaper, including the name of the author and a brief abstract.

The database has a search engine allowing users to search by author, film title, date or name of a person (director, actor and so on).

Website www.luigisturzo.it

Of the initiatives marking the fiftieth anniversary of the death its founder, the Istituto Luigi Sturzo has created a monographic website dedicated entirely to Luigi Sturzo. The site is organised on the basis of a grid of contents ranging from his biography, complete with documents and images in digital format, to a series of historical cards of the period spanning Sturzo’s lifetime, a collection of photographic galleries, and a selection of films and audiovisual documents from the archives of the Institute, Teche Rai and Cinecittà Luce. The site also includes a digital library section with approximately 20 publications, research projects and studies on Sturzo from 1953 to date, as well as online access to his Opera Omnia.

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