Publishing activity is a statutory purpose of Istituto Luigi Sturzo, which is achieved through the publication of scientific works that foster debate and theoretical research in the field of the social sciences.

This is a vocation that today represents the continuation of the editorial and publishing activities undertaken by the founder himself who, during the period of his opposition to Fascism, set up a small publishing house called Seli.

As custodian of the entire body of Sturzo’s remarkable output, the Institute has always been committed to printing the papers in the historical archive that are still unpublished and to completing the publication of its founder’s Opera Omnia, adding new titles to the catalogue and preparing the relative critical apparatus.

Alongside Sturzo’s works, the Institute also publishes works on the history of the Italian People’s Party, of Popularism and of the Democrazia Cristiana party, re-examined and reconstructed thanks to the rich and valuable archives and documentary sources.

Furthermore, the Institute organises numerous initiatives – study meetings and research activity, in both the historical and the sociological spheres – devoted to the history of the 20 historical and sociological research.