Pirovano Award

The Desiderio Pirovano Award was instituted, at the behest and on the initiative of Msgr Desiderio Pirovano, by the Desiderio Pirovano association for the advancement of studies on the history of the Church, and by Istituto Luigi Sturzo. The purpose of the award is to promote and disseminate research on Christian thought conducted, from a historical perspective, in theological or in political and social-cultural settings.

The award is assigned to a scientific monograph that, through original research, probes issues related to the history of the Church and of Christianity in the modern and contemporary era, focusing in particular on stages in their evolution and on moments of innovation in the thought and internal life of the Church and in its relations with civil society and the state.

The award, worth EUR 5000, is open to works published in the three years prior to the date of the award notice.

The Executive Board of the Desiderio Pirovano Award (Emma Fattorini, Maurilio Guasco, Francesco Malgeri, Umberto Paniccia, Giuseppe De Rita, Francesco Traniello) reviews all the works submitted in accordance with the regulations and decides their order of merit and the winner of the award.

Rita Proietti
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