"Club dei Giuristi"

The "Club dei Giuristi", a friendly and non-academic forum for critical discussion of the law, was created as the result of an inspired idea by Federico Spantigati.

Since its first meeting, on 2 October 1986, at which G. Crifò gave a lecture on the indispensability and futility of current studies on Roman, which was then discussed by G. Arena, S. Baratta, P. Bellini, A. Cerri, S. Lariccia, N. Lipari, C. Pecorella, and F. Spantigati, among others, the "Club dei Giuristi" has organised a great many conferences, albeit not on a continuous basis.

In 1987, it established the “I libri dell'anno nella scienza giuridica” (legal science books of the year) awards, and created the journals “Diritto Romano Attuale. Storia, metodo, cultura nella scienza giuridica” (Roman Law today. History, Method, and Culture in Legal Science), 1/1999, coordinators G. Crifò/F. Spantigati; coordinator since 2005, V. Crescenzi, ESI, and “Ritorno al diritto: i valori della convivenza” (Back to the Law: The Values of Coexistence), 1/2005, directed by G. Crifò/F. Spantigati; since 2007, G. Crifò, Francoangeli. The publication of Liber amicorum is currently under way as a tribute to the late Federico Spantigati.

The function of the jurist is to develop ideas that it is then for society to evaluate, accept, and implement. Nowadays, many people, jurists and non-jurists alike, perceive the difficulty in using the law effectively. In the manifesto that opened its first issue (1/2005), the journal “Ritorno al diritto: i valori della convivenza”, aimed at jurists, invited them to introduce radically new points of reference for juridical reasoning. The journal is also intended for non-jurists interested in understanding the scope for using the law in today’s world.